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I will now discuss the King of the North Belial. Unlike entries which can be found in other websites, listing his powers, I will discuss my personal experience summoning him.

Belial was not difficult to summon for me. I already had experience summoning other demons from the Goetia, before I attempted to call him. The method I used was Asenath Mason’s ritual which can be found here

Belial’s presence was a paradox. On one hand I sensed the same amount of peace one usually has when calling Angels. Likewise, I sensed unexplained fear, which is usually linked to Demons.

Personality wise, Belial has a tendency to behave like a mentor, with a civilized way of conveying ideas and thoughts. However from time to time he has reminded me he is a King, and one very powerful at that.

Belial can bring fast changes into one’s life, some which can seem dramatic and sometimes unexpected. He has repeated to me that his power is beyond that which I have seen. So far I have attained some advancements in my willpower, a greater understanding of magical powers and what it entails, several business deals where I get to have a good result.

However while speaking with other students of the occult, I have read reports of having life changing experiences thanks to him, going from rags to riches, and precisely that is what I want to aim to attain next.

I will update this blog as a way to thank him for his help next time I attain results that I seek.

P.S. The featured image was created by Gregory Allen Brown, you can find the original here

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