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Social Dynamics in Occult Groups

Every single social structure has a tendency to break eventually. This is no different in Occult Groups. Fortunately there is an advantage Magicians have when creating a community. Divination and Magic can be used to to fine tune the dynamics and the members that are allowed in a given group. On a personal note I have noticed the following pattern and some suggestions on how they can be avoided:

  • Occult Groups tend to have a single member who is the creator and leader of the organization. This centralizes the decision making and most of the rules and general direction of the group tend to follow the likes and dislikes of this individual. This is not intrinsically bad, but if that role figure disappears or somehow is unstable, the entire community can start dissolving, making the content creation and interactions weaker over time
  • Most occultists fall into two categories: 1)The very serious practitioners who see Magic almost as a religion, and behave in a way which is very reserved and don’t allow anything ‘fun’ in their practice 2)The casual dabblers who probably just read a book or two per year, don’t take their practice too seriously, and want to primarily meet other people who are like minded. The second group is a bad foundation to create a community around, but the first one can thrive if the members allow themselves to not be as serious at all times
  • Dramatic interaction in occult communities is unavoidable. Eventually conflicts between two or more parties will occur, no matter how much magic or divination is used. However a group of strong leaders need to be in charge, as to halt any of these arguments.
  • If the event of a conflict between two parties occurs, both should be removed from the group, or else it will affect how the content and interaction is generated. This is particularly important in polarizing scenarios, where sides are taken by the members of the community.
  • While not possible to prevent all drama, mitigation through the use of divination checks and egregores or spirits who oversee the development and growth of the community, can give a great advantage
  • The size of the community, is not as important as the quality of the contents therein. It’s best to have a small group of people who join and have discussions that are meaningful, rather than having larger numbers for the sake of it
  • Social decisions and changes which could affect the future of a given community, must have two parts into consideration, a rational and an emotional one. The rational decisions however must be above the emotional ones,allowing the emotional aspects to be a control, to prevent cruel or cold behavior.
  • The growth of a group should be slow such that a new member or two are added every now and then, giving priority to people who will fit the group, rather than adding people for the sake of it

These are some of the principles I will be using when creating a new community. However I consider myself a tactician, so I will patiently wait until I find someone interested in helping me find people, from which I will sort out those who are interesting enough

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