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Sigil Blood Magick

As you may know the Sigil Magick by Osman Spare can be powerful if activated correctly.

However a few experiments of my own have led me to experiment with blood in that system.

By replacing the ink with blood the results have been more intense and far reaching.

So far my experiments have been performed with drops if blood mixed with ink, and several millilitres of blood used as exclusive replacement if blood. The results have been similar so far. However I would wager that the amount of blood can improve the results.

As you may also know, Sigil Magic has no ethos or restrictions other than ones set by the mind.

Personally I have used Sigil Magic only for self centered reasons, so it is unknown to me whether doing sigil magic with this method has better results when performed to aid or affect third parties.

As a side note, I would like to explain a third variable: The Enochian language. The method was the same, however writing the intent with the Enochian language as closely as possible.

Unfortunately all my attempts with the latter have been unsuccessful. My conjecture is the limited knowledge we have on the language, this method could prove to be successful if more understanding is brought about the language.

Scrying the Aethyrs is something I have not performed yet, mainly because of the strict requirements in paraphernalia. That said I will attempt to connect better to the Enochian path through the method outlined by Gallery of Magic’s Success Magic, which uses the Enochian Language in a very simple way to attain results. I will update this blog with new results after having a better results with such book, re-attempting my Sigil Magic experiments.

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